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What is the purpose of NCW? [New Covenant Workshops]
Requested and Answered by Ron B on 05-Feb-2005 11:59 (910 reads)
What is the purpose of NCW?
NCW is a method of facilitiating fellowship in the study of aspects of the New Covenant. I had often wanted the opportunity to share and hear insights into the need, nature and outworking of the New Covenant. This is the sole purpose of NCW.

It is a teaching tool for the saints. The concept is for twice yearly Fellowship and Study Days supported by this online forum. Registered members (registration is free) will be able to join in the discussion here. The 'lines' will remain open after the day conference to enable discussion on the topic to continue.

The idea is not to produce a definitive doctrinal statement but, in a spirit of gentle honesty, to enable all to share their hearts in the safety of mutual love and respect.

06/11/2006 The concept still stand but we have only had two actual days. At present we are just operating the Discussion Forums and using a wiki to aid navigation. You can find it here.

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