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Posted by Ron B on 2012/2/29 18:11:19 (559 reads)

My book, The Better Covenant, was launched in February 2012 and is no available in print and Kindle. Please read the Biblebase Second Thoughts Blog

Posted by webmaster on 2011/5/28 21:29:36 (540 reads)

I disabled new user registration several weeks ago in the hope that the spammers would delete the site from whatever list they have when they saw that registration was no longer working...

I re-enabled registration yesterday but the spammers are still here and in just a few hours there were half a dozen or so new registration requests which were all spam.

So as a drastic move I have changed the link for registration. If you want to register please use the "Register Now" link in the dark bar towards the top of the page. The "Register Now!" (notice the exclamation mark) link beneath the login box no longer works.

Or you can use this link directly: http://ncw.biblebase.com/register2.php



Posted by Ron B on 2011/4/20 20:44:25 (573 reads)

We are moving some of the videos from Google Video to Vimeo. If you haven't looked at these for a while take a look now...

biblebase vimeo

Posted by Ron B on 2008/10/3 13:26:02 (1177 reads)

It is a long time since I did a Biblebase newsletter. Here is the latest news...

The Biblebase Newsletter No. 2

Posted by Ron B on 2008/8/27 13:01:21 (1152 reads)

I have created a new Fire of Revival page in the main menu. This page will provide you with links to a document called "the Fire of Revival" which has been written by Derrick Harrison and to accompanying mp3s. I really recommend this valuable resource.

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