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     but those days are now gone?
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Posted on: 2005/10/2 2:35
Needs to get out a bit more!
Joined: 2005/2/15
From: Independence, MO
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Re: but those days are now gone?
Hi lyndon,

Just a little of my testimony, when I was first baptized in the Holy Spirit, my relationship with God went to a whole new level. The desire seemed to be automatic. I hungered and thirsted for God and His word. I seemed to be eating, sleeping, and breathing God (as we say here in Missouri). But in time, I allowed things to come in and capture my affections and then it became difficult to desire the things of God. God sovereignly shook me at times and I turned away from those 'other things' that had captured my heart (so to speak).

The law of the conservation of matter in physics informs us that things don't just dissappear or cease to exist. They may change form, but they do not cease to exist. We all have a certain amount of affection that we allocate to those we love. So if our affection for God is somehow gone; where did it go? It had to go somewhere right? Where did we allocate the affection or love that belonged to God alone? I heard a definition of harlotry once; "To take the love that belongs to the one and give it to another."

To begin with I had put some things before God and that was why I never received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit (so I believe). I finally surrendered everything to God; I mean literally everything I could consciously surrender. I was desperate for God. I had had a fresh revelation of the Cross and what Christ had done for MY sins; and in that revelation something in me switched over- and suddenly nothing or noone seemed worthy of my affections but Christ. I believe Christians today need a revelation of the penalty for their sins and in that revelation they will see the love that Christ had for us- and will feel nothing to be reasonable- but to give ALL to Him. I had been forgiven of much- and now I was utterly conscious of that. The woman loved much because she was forgiven much- she was conscious of what Christ had done- and in that consciousness she shifted her affections to the only One that was worthy.

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