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   The Christian Life
     thin line between trusting the Lord and "self preservation"
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Posted on: 2014/7/7 22:05
Just popping in
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thin line between trusting the Lord and "self preservation"
I think this could be hard topic to talk about but lets try. The "West" is providing us with a lot of "tools" to protect us from any trouble, for example variety of insurance, vaccines. I know Christians who don't take any vaccines themselves and for their children and have only insurances which are required by law and others say that it is God's provision and we should use it. I (and my wife) are thinking about it a lot in terms of going to live in Asia but i don't think that christian reality should depend on locations
I am thinking about Abraham who went out not knowing where he was going, Abraham who lifted his hand to the Lord, to God Most High, the Possessor of heaven and earth, who said "no" to any kind of human resources. He didn't want his security and provision coming from any other sources than from God because he did not want any one to say that they made him rich, he wanted to give all glory to Him, that all will be credited to Him. Any thoughts?
Posted on: 2014/7/8 5:21
Needs to get out a bit more!
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From: Independence, MO
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Re: thin line between trusting the Lord and "self preservation"
This is a good question. I think that here in the USA, if we decide to trust God to the point to where we don't purchase medical insurance, for example, then we have to be prepared not to go to the Doctor or Hospital if we have a sickness or injury. The reason being is that medical costs can bankrupt a family in a single night.

I think it is interesting that Paul spent a lot of time with Luke, the physician. He was present with him even near the end according to 2 Timothy. I don't believe Paul trusted in Luke's medical skills, but I think Paul was also a practical man. He told Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach and his oft infirmities. He didn't even tell him to pray about it. Maybe he assumed Timothy had already prayed. Nevertheless, I don't believe Paul would have considered it more spiritual to do without either physicians or medicine. He seemed to utilize them both. After all, Paul was injured (beaten, stoned, etc.) on several occasions and certainly needed doctored up from all that from time to time. So, I think it good that Luke was around quite a bit.

I think of Paul's words, ...and those who use this world as not misusing it. For the form of this world is passing away. (1 Cor. 7:31) There is a sense in which we are sojourning in a world that we are not of, and we have to function in it. Our Greek word for "misusing it" means to fill to the full. I think we use the world insofar as is necessary to carry on in life. It is passing away and we are passing through.

If I had a specific word from God as did Abraham, I would forsake the machinery of this present world and live off the land. In the absense of a specific word from God I will place my trust in God for all things -- but I will go about fulfilling my end of the deal. If a man does not work, neither should he eat, etc. Whatever my work is, if it be laboring in the Gospel or in the workplace (or both) I will bring my water pots and have faith that God will fill them. I don't see any contradiction in doing things this way; only, that we remain sensitive to the Lord and be prepared to do the next thing He says. If that makes any sense.

Blessings, Robert Wurtz II

The Girded Mind

Obedience is better esteemed with God than acquired knowledge, it is the most important lesson -fundamental to the gaining of all spiritual knowledge from God. (GWN)

Posted on: 2014/7/8 17:35
Just can't stay away
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From: Alberta, Canada
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Re: thin line between trusting the Lord and "self preservation"
I think the difference here is between faith and presumption. I know of people who proclaimed they were going to "believe God" and withheld medication from a child. The child died. It wasn't faith they had, it was presumption; they hadn't really heard a word from the Lord on this.

On the other hand, I have read G.C. Bevington's book -- Modern Miracles Through Faith and Prayer. He was always sick and on a lot of medications until he felt to toss them all out. It was a step of genuine faith; it appears he had heard from God. He subsequently enjoyed good health, and developed a ministry that was attended by many healings and much of the miraculous.
Ron B
Posted on: 2014/7/8 19:12
Needs to get out a bit more!
Joined: 2005/1/20
From: Reading, UK
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Re: thin line between trusting the Lord and "self preservation"
We do not live by principle but by faith.
If Gid specifically puts a conviction in your heart go with it, but beware doing things because we ought or because they are biblical. Information is not revelation. Faith comes by hearing.

If you don't have faith for something don't feel that you have to prove anything. But keep your heart open to God.


Posted on: 2014/7/9 3:24
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2011/3/25
From: Smethwick UK
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Re: thin line between trusting the Lord and "self preservation"
Rees Howells was a great intercessor, and saw healing through his prayers. But he always advocated using medicine while sickness persisted.

As the body is as yet unredeemed, it is subject to corruption (Romans 8:21) like the rest of creation, although God can and does miraculously intervene at times.

"Give me the faith which can remove and sink the mountain to a plain, give me the childlike, praying love that longs to build Thine house again"

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