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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2014/3/7 14:47
Needs to get out a bit more!
Joined: 2005/4/13
From: England
Posts: 767
Say Hello?
To all recent new members who have decided to join the conversation. Welcome to the market place, please feel free to intro yourself and post away to your hearts content
have a look around see the different catagories and current topics of discussions. try a post or 2 or 3 or more. if you have any practical questions on the site feel free to ask!
but most of all, get stuck in!
HEB:10 v 24 Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.


Posted on: 2014/3/7 17:33
Just popping in
Joined: 2014/2/9
Posts: 7
Re: Say Hello?
Hello to the host- Ron and to all brothers and sisters. It is great joy to be among You and with You. Hope the lack of self-confidence will disappears quickly and i will be able to share few things of my heart (most of them are questions and doubt )
Greetings to all from Midlands
Posted on: 2014/3/8 2:02
Needs to get out a bit more!
Joined: 2005/2/15
From: Independence, MO
Posts: 1910
Re: Say Hello?
Hello Daniel! Welcome to New Covenant Workshops from the other side of the big pond.

Blessings, Robert Wurtz II

The Girded Mind

Obedience is better esteemed with God than acquired knowledge, it is the most important lesson -fundamental to the gaining of all spiritual knowledge from God. (GWN)

Ron B
Posted on: 2014/3/11 21:15
Needs to get out a bit more!
Joined: 2005/1/20
From: Reading, UK
Posts: 3861
Re: Say Hello?
Hi Daniel
Well done. You made it!
Don't be shy. I really want 'less' expert folk to join in too. In that way the forums will be much more useful for all levels of folk.


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