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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2013/11/23 17:06
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2009/1/19
From: Coldwater, MI, USA
Posts: 162
Re: Commentary on Romans

by Ron B on 2013/9/30 15:38:22

One change I would like to see is having everything incorporated into one site. Instead of biblebase home being a springboard off site for a wiki for this, Vimeo for that, 3 separate blogs, a different site for discussion, etc. etc.

What is the prohibitive factor for that? Time, manpower, cash?

All of the above... in different degrees!

Although all of your suggestions are actually planned.

PM me if I can help with any of these. I know nothing of web design, but I'd like to help where I can.
Ron B
Posted on: 2013/12/24 12:27
Needs to get out a bit more!
Joined: 2005/1/20
From: Reading, UK
Posts: 3861
Re: Commentary on Romans
Many thanks for your offer.
I would love to share the the work processes out more but I am faced the the ancient dilemma that teaching others takes more time than doing it myself.
I do want to update the whole process but getting my head around it is difficult for me. I am dabbling with WordPress. My current processes are driven by various buts of ancient but free software.

It is, and I'll let MikeH explain this one, all very Heath-Robinson!

Over the years I have become an expert in wire coat hanger technology!


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