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Contemporary Christian Issues Is the Bible an instruction book? 5 2266 2014/7/4 0:43 dgawlicki
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Forum Topic Replies Views Last Post
Contemporary Christian Issues Israel and the Church 350 27633 2014/7/9 14:08 Jonah
The New Covenant New Birth/Baptism in the Spirit 325 22823 2014/11/20 17:46 BeYeDoers
BibleBase Coffee Lounge New Testament Church 43 22600 2012/1/5 22:48 Bartek
The New Covenant The Flesh 110 20523 2013/5/15 12:46 robertw
The Christian Life Does God have a specific plan for our lives? 46 19858 2006/3/30 11:47 MikeH
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Church Life The Church 140 17237 2011/11/12 18:58 robertw
BibleBase Coffee Lounge but those days are now gone? 120 15190 2005/10/2 2:35 robertw
Contemporary Christian Issues Purpose-Driven Church? 60 14944 2008/3/1 13:55 MikeH
2005 NCW Discussion Topic: Constitutional Sin Constitutional Sin. Its cure? 96 13687 2008/8/10 8:42 Ron B
Welcome to New Covenant Workshops Forum.
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BibleBase Discussions
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The Christian Life
This is the place to discuss the practical implications of Bible truths. We might have called it Practical Theology. Paul said 'we have believed therefore...'. This is the forum for life-impacting discussions.
Moderator Ron B
24 401 2014/7/9 3:24:56
Church Life
This is the place to discuss Patterns of Church Life and patterns of Ministry. Do you want to discuss Evangelism and Mission, Training and Spiritual Authority, the Local Church...? This is the forum.
Moderator webmaster
61 1507 2013/9/20 12:09:13
Ron B
Contemporary Christian Issues
The foundations of Evangelical conviction are moving. New names and ideas emerge regularly. Is the latest 'model' consistent with Biblical teaching? This is the place to discuss such issues.
Moderator webmaster
78 2006 2014/7/9 14:08:51
The X-egesis Files
Biblical and Systematic Theology; this will be a broad category.
Exegesis is the 'science' of first establishing what the Bible says and secondly working out what it means. If you are struggling with or have insight into a Bible passage, come and discuss it here. If your topic title includes a Bible Reference ie "what does 1Cor 15:29 mean?"... this is probably the right forum.
Moderator webmaster
130 2095 2014/7/4 8:17:03
The New Covenant
Topics relating to New Birth, Baptism in Spirit, Sanctification etc. Why aren't these in the other sections? Simply because I expect these to be sufficient in number to warrant a section of their own, and because this area of discussion is why I began the BibleBase in the first place. If you're not sure where to start a topic just start it in the Coffee Lounge and I will relocate it.
Moderator webmaster
45 1081 2015/4/13 7:29:17
Biblebase Second Thoughts
Thoughts and discussions generated by the Biblebase Second Thoughts blog
Moderator webmaster
83 353 2014/7/3 5:19:50

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